Boston Jr. Shamrocks
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The Next Wave: Shamrocks U16's, U14's Developing For Bright Futures

Friday, August 19, 2016
By Joshua Boyd
USA Junior Hockey Magazine

The Boston Shamrocks offer player development and advancement to players from a wide range of ages, and their U16 team is directly in the middle of this process.

Molly Corl returns for a fourth season as the U16 head coach, and is excited to work with first-year U19 head coach Danielle Doherty. “We're looking to have more of a feeder system,” said Corl. “In the past, it hasn't really worked out, but we have worked on developing the same systems to make the transition from the U16's to U19's easier. We have the same goals and objectives.”

“They all work in unison, they follow each other and watch each other's practice,” added Shamrocks owner/general manager Bob Rotondo, of the Shamrocks U19 and U16 teams. The Shamrocks U16 team from the 2015-16 season was able to advance three of its standout players to the U19 team for this season – Lauren Hennessey, Kelly Golini and Rose Mroczka. “Ideally, we want to move players up by birth year. We have a lot of 2000-born players and we will move them up together if they have the opportunity to move up,” said Corl.

Nearly the entire U16 team consists of 2000-born players, as well as some '01's and '02's. The U16 team gets roughly five hours of ice per week, just like the U19 team does, and both teams play roughly 60-70 games per year.

“We work on their confidence, especially at that age – the confidence in their abilities and their ability to try new things,” added Corl. “We also teach skill development and playing away from the puck.” The U16, like the U19 team, does its best to set up a very competitive schedule. Their lineup this year includes the Labor Day tournament at NAHA, the Stoney Creek showcase, the Fall Foliage Classic in Vermont, the Two Nations tournament in Toronto and the Shamrocks tournament in January.

Maria Nasta, a former UMass-Boston star, is coaching the Shamrocks' U14 team that also plays in its own age-specific JWHL division. She is assisted by Christina Henkins. “We're targeting a couple kids on that team we're looking to develop for next year,” said Corl. “If a kid from the U16 team gets hurt, we have two or three kids we can move right into that lineup.”

2016-17 U16 Boston Shamrocks

Hannah MacDougall (Wellesley, Mass.)
Riley Nichols (Trinity, Fla.)
Madison Nichols (Trinity, Fla.)
Lauren Coccoluto (Saugus, Mass.)
Kat Hoppe (Stewart, Fla.)
Dena Akers (Boca Raton, Fla.)
Jackie Lees (Woburn, Mass.)
Sydney Vautour (Wenham, Mass.)
Kaleigh Cadorette (Barrington, N.H.)
Kaily DeSantis (Berwick, Maine)
Julia Massota (Tewksbury, Mass.)
Shea Verrier (Reading, Mass.)
Cassidy Grunning (Tewksbury, Mass.)
Ana Cobble (Oveto, Fla.)
Sheridan Terrazanno (Billerica, Mass.)
Halle McKay (Marlehead, Mass.)
Sally Nelson (Newton, Mass.)
Mia Bounarosa (Reading, Mass.)